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On November 3d, 2012 NOC*NSF has celebrated her 100 year anniversary with many sport clinics, information stands, and lectures. Among the invited guests His Royal Highness of the Netherlands Prince Willem Alexander and the President of the IOC Jacques Rogge were present.

The titles of best athlete of the year 2012 were won by Epke Zonderland (gymnastics), Ranomi Kromowidjojo (swimming), ladies field hockey teamDaniel Knibbeler (coach in gymnastics). Laura Smulders (talented athlete of 2012, BMX), and Marlou van Rhijn (handicapet athlete, atletics)

KNRB In preperation of the Olympic Games of London 2012 sports cardiologist Nicole Panhuyzen has advised the medical team and coaches of the Dutch rowing squad. In London almost all boats competed in the finals. Ladies 8 has won a splendid bronze medal.

Alpe d'HuZes 2012

On July 7th, 2012, your sports cardiologist Nicole Panhuyzen participated in the cycling event Alpe d'HuZes for a second time with the cycling team Radboud Oncology. The 16 team members succeeded in reaching the Alpe d'Huez 2-6 times each. The fundraising non-profit foundation Alpe d'HuZes collected over € 28 million for the battle against cancer. The team Radboud Oncology collected €50.000. This was all possible thanks to you volunteers.

Cardiac arrest during marathon
In January 2012 the New England Journal reported an increase of participants of marathons and half marathons in the United States of America. The number of athletes increased from approximately 1 million in the year 2000, to around 10 million in 2010. During the (half) marathons that took place in 2010, 59 of the participating athletes suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest. These cessations proved fatal for 41 runners (71%). The authors of the article on the subject found an increased chance of sudden cardiac arrest during the full marathons among male participants. The most prominent causes for the arrests were an abnormally thick heart muscle (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, HCM) and coronary artery disease. Seeing the small number of runners that had a sudden death the authors decided to not discuss the necessity of preventive screening. (Kim ea N Eng J Med 2012;366:130-140)

In January 2010 Bart Wellens, the ex-world-champion cyclo-cross, was admitted to the hospital suffering from an acute, life-threatening infection of the muscle of the heart (myocarditis). He has been discharged from the hospital in the mean time and is currently still recovering. (Source

The selection of Vitesse has been screened in January 2010 in cooperation with sports cardiologist Nicole M. Panhuyzen.

Mayor Pauline Krikke payed a visit to the SMCP
on the 6th of October 2011, the mayor of Arnhem, Mrs Pauline Krikke, payed a visit to the SMCP and the section sports cardiology in particular. A possible cooperation between Arnhem, sport city no. 1 of 2011, and the SMCP has been extensively discussed. On the photo you can see Arjan Kokshoorn (sports physician), Nicole Panhuyzen (sports cardiologist), mayor Pauline Krikke, Robert van Cingel (director SMCP) and Esther Meindersma (cardiologist).

Cardiac screening on-site
the KNRB (Royal Dutch Rowing Association) was the first to experience preventive cardiac screening on site. Arie van Dijk (cardiologist), Francoise Broekhof (sports physician KNRB) and Nicole Panhuyzen (sports cardiologist) subjected the rowing selection to an on-site screening, thereby allowing the training on the Bosbaan in Amsterdam to continue without disruption.

First 'Lustum'
Nicole Panhuyzen started her work as sports cardiologist for the SMCP on December 1st 2005, thereby making this same date in 2010 the celebration of her first 5 years at SMC Papendal. In those 5 years over 900 athletes came to her outpatient clinic for additional cardiac screening and, besides many other invited lectures, 7 presentations were held by her on scientific research at the SMCP, of which the first received a European poster award.

Heart Centre Radboud University Nijmegen MC & SMCP
On the first of November, sport cardiology SMCP became part of the Heart Centre of the Radboud University Nijmegen, thus making reimbursement of consultations, additional examinations and treatments fall within the DBC structure.

Sport Cardiology at the SMCP
The SMCP has offered cardiac care to athletes since the first of December 2005, thereby being the first in the Netherlands to do so.

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